Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cloud-filled bedrooms

As the project evolves, multiple explorations with this tilted mirror are done. This is in Madrid, where as you can see, a huge development is now under construction. This will eventually obstruct the impressive view. As my mates continue in this ongoing race vs. skyscrapers they come up with this possible solution. We encourage anyone with sunless mornings to do it!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Model-like City

Past the all-glass rotating doors and security ; I get to a corporate looking lobby with at least 8 aluminum covered elevator doors . Having only read about these "smart" elevators and never actually ridden on one I press my destination floor. 45. An instant reply in a very generic-yet-robotic woman's voice tells me which one of them to board. Not even 30 secs. after, the door opens. I make it to my destination in a impressive time of 34 secs!!!

Doors open and I get to a very impressive view of a model-like city were cars move as if they were control remote operated and herds of miniature people move in slow motion. I immediately spotted the amount of sunless space these massive buildings create. If only we were GIANTS!

New York World's Fair Model

WTC7 45th FL.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Another dummy was created. Wooden structures support the mirror creating a 45 degree angle that directs ground level viewer's sight towards the sky.

This is the result:

Photoshop-like images with cut out sky on Manhattan streets!