Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Model-like City

Past the all-glass rotating doors and security ; I get to a corporate looking lobby with at least 8 aluminum covered elevator doors . Having only read about these "smart" elevators and never actually ridden on one I press my destination floor. 45. An instant reply in a very generic-yet-robotic woman's voice tells me which one of them to board. Not even 30 secs. after, the door opens. I make it to my destination in a impressive time of 34 secs!!!

Doors open and I get to a very impressive view of a model-like city were cars move as if they were control remote operated and herds of miniature people move in slow motion. I immediately spotted the amount of sunless space these massive buildings create. If only we were GIANTS!

New York World's Fair Model

WTC7 45th FL.

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