Wednesday, August 27, 2008

project-sky meets hong kong

The North coast of an island and the South portion of a peninsula. A sea which separates them and hundreds of transport connection which deal with ISOLATION. This isolated condition of either British or Chineses controlled Hong Kong has always played a role on its urban growth as the Factory of Europe, as well as developed a complex infrastructure for aeroplanes and ships. As a paradox, Communist China let more amount of its citizens travel to Honking, in order that they buy loads of former forbidden articles to make Hong Kong capitalist economy survive to eventual market crisis.
This consume fever is felt everywhere in the city: western people who try to find quality at better prices and eastern people who can access to unusual products.

The growth of Hong Kong is sum up in its spectaculars and advertisements; the first and smallest ones are attached to building façades, whereas the street void has been more and more invaded by new lights, signs, letters, neon and pictograms. Open street space has led to a virtual advertising ceiling / wall. A constant battle between each side of any street struggling to conquer the middle line.

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Hong Kong and Kowloon both turned the rain-forest landscape into a mountain and a valley filled with dwelling towers. Most impressive are the hills which have been obliged to lodge inhabitants into terraced streets and areas of sea surface which have been dried up for shopping surfaces. Stairs, ramps, and slopes are everywhere; as a result, horizontal itineraries become vertical climbing trips through the city-jungle.

A huge elevated escalator which cross over 10 streets tries to solve this handicap to mobility, as typhoons remain the only ones who can stop people from keeping on buying...

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