Friday, August 22, 2008

S-MTA : Sky - Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Meanwhile, in NY, I was walking down Kenmare St. in Soho and ran into this mirror lying on the edge of a step. It was placed in a certain way that when you walked past through it, it seemed to be a big bright hole towards a cloud-filled underground world.

This kept me wondering and made me realize of that 3rd dimension previously discussed with Joseph Grima. We are living over solid ground, and other than subways and rats, there is nothing but rocks and soil.

(See crust)

Wouldn't it be great if you could find random sky-holes throughout the city just as we do subway entrances, only these lead not to a parallel position to where you stand, but to an upside down world where everything is foreign and undiscovered. Think Alice in Wonderland's rabbit-holes strategically placed along the city.


Teresa said...

Chicos! He regalado cielo!

volvía del estudio a casa, ví en la basura un maravilloso espejo como el que usais vosotros, sin marcos y tan alto como yo.
Lo cogí para llenar mi habitación de paredes blanquitas y lo llevé un rato por Santa Cruz apoyado en la espalda:-)

increibles vuestras fotos.

Kireina said...

it's anice picture